8 dad fails who’s your favourite?

Whilst there are some amazing dad’s in the world there are some terrible ones also, what on earth were these dad’s thinking, are you glad your dad aint like this?

  1. The Face Licker – Now this dad get’s on your friggin tits he’s got a tissue in his hand.


2. The Mum Dad – Thankfully the world is not full of weirdo dads like this guy.


3. Tow Truck Dad – Polluting our viewing space with his crap parenting skills.


4. Pervy Dress up Dad – imagine this dad showing up at your kids birthday party. surprise!


5. Daddy’s Crack – Look at this greedy bastard stuck in his phone with his fat ass out.


6. Cheap Skate Dad – Buy a proper friggin hat for that kid.


7. Chav Dad – Wow what a cool dad!


8. Cock Sucker – What the hell was this dad thinking it’s not party night with his work mates.




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